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ACstyria Lightweight Construction Day 2021

The networking platform on lightweight construction | June 8, 2021

ACstyria Lightweight Construction Day 2021

The Networking Platform On Lightweight construction | June 8, 2021


The ACstyria Lightweight Construction Day at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Styria (Austria), is one of the most important events related to sustainable mobility in Styria.

Industry, science and research join forces and share their knowledge and expertise to develop sustainable strategies for weight reduction of means of transport in the automotive, aerospace and rail sectors. The aim is to reduce the weight of means of transport and thus become more ecological and environmentally friendly - especially in times of crisis, such as the current pandemic.

The lightweight construction sector will develop rapidly in the coming years. Metalpine, with its high quality and uniquely spherical metal powders, can thus contribute to a significant weight reduction of means of transport.

About ACstyria


CEO Gerald Pöllmann presented the unique metal powders of Metalpine, which have an outstanding quality, the highest sphericity and are therefore ideally suited for the lightweight construction of vehicles in the automotive, aviation and railway sectors.

Metalpine has, among others, the following unique alloys especially for lightweight construction on means of transport:

  • MET 316L

  • MET 17-4PH

  • MET IN718

  • MET Alloy K500

  • MET Ti6Al4V

  • MET Ti6Al4V-ELI

Photo Credits: ACstyria Mobilitätscluster

Website: www.acstyria.com