MET Mo - technical data sheet

Molybdenum alloys: MET Mo

Alternative designation: Molybdenum / Mo 99%

MET Mo 99% has one of the highest melting temperatures of all the elements (2.623°C), yet unlike most other high-melting point metals, its density is only 25% greater than iron's. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is the lowest of the engineering materials, while its thermal conductivity exceeds all but a handful of elements. The operating temperature is up to 1.900°C.

Chemical composition

ElementMin [wt%]Max [wt%]

Particle Size Distribution (others on request)

PSD range [µm]d10mind90max
5 - 20422
15 - 451048
20 - 631866
45 - 10640106

Important note:

These goods are subject to the European or Austrian export license requirement when exported from the EU. Please note that a licensing requirement may also result from the final destination and the intended use of the goods (dual-use)!


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