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Our service will convince you

Just the best for your additive components

Our processes are run in Argon inert gas to guarantee maximum product quality

commission processing of your individual powder (production & refinement)

screening/classifying and packaging of your powder


Our laboratory services

flow behaviour and bulk density

particle distribution with sieve analysis, dynamic image analysis and laser differentiation

Commission Processing

Metalpine GmbH is your service partner concerning all of below listed processes.

We developed a unique powder production process to provide perfect spherical powders (patent pending). Any metal or alloy can be atomized according to your needs. Our processes are run with Argon as atomization gas in a dust-free production environment to guarantee maximum product quality. Any process (production, classifying, screening, packaging) can be done under Argon 5.0, so oxygen-free production can be guaranteed.

A back-up powder manufacturing location is available at our sister company HTM in Niklasdorf, 75km from Graz.

With various screening technologies we can screen your powder at grain sizes from 10 to 1000 microns.

With our state of the art classifiers we can provide narrow particle size distributions, produce ultrafine powders (d99<5 microns) or remove dust from your powders.

We pack the powders according to your needs and manage transport organization.

In our in-house laboratory, we measure particle size distributions with laser light scattering (Horiba LA-960 according to ISO 13320) and digital image processing (Camsizer X2 according to ISO 13322-2). Flowability is measured by Hall Flow Meter (ISO 4490, ASTM B213). For more sophisticated flowability problems, Schulze Ring Shear tests can be conducted by our university partners.