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The Art of Spherical Powders

Just the best for your Additive Components

    Metalpine GmbH is a young, innovative company based in Graz, Austria. Our novel process for the production of high-quality metal powders (e.g. for additive production) makes us unique in the world.

          Why you should use satellite-free spherical powders

          Why you should use satellite-free spherical powders:

          - better flowability
          - less pores & spattering
          - higher printing density
          - lower oxygen content lower reactivity
          - lower specific surface area pure and uniform material
          - reliable product quality
          better predictability

          About Metalpine

          Our company METALPINE is a company focused on HIGH QUALITY METAL POWDER production for additive manufacturing applications. We developed a unique production process to guarantee perfect spherical powders with narrow particle size distributions.

          With our strong R&D-focus, we work to satisfy our customers’ individual technology needs from specific raw materials to the final application.


          Our production is conducted in a clean room environment to guarantee contamination-free powders. In our dust free and air-conditioned site, any influence of temperature, humidity, etc. can be excluded. The production infrastructure was initially built for biomedical and electronics technology.

          We have several production locations for back-up. 

          METALPINE is part of the internationally represented htm Group (hightech metal invest) with locations in Germany, Austria, France, Bahrain, China and Japan. 

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