IOM3 -METALPINE in the World of Titanium
World Titanium Conference 2023 from 12–16 June 2023 in Edinburgh


METALPINE is looking forward to participate at the IOM World Titanium Conference in Edinburgh from 12-16 June 2023. 

The long-standing international conference provides an unrivalled forum over 5 days for the world’s titanium community to meet, present and discuss the latest technological developments in titanium science and technology: from the latest extraction technologies and new modelling approaches through to new and exciting applications of the Wonder Metal.
Or main focus is clearly on high quality powders of pure titanium or titanium alloys (e.g Ti64, beta titanium,…) for demanding applications  in industries like aerospace, medical, automotive and energy. Metalpine develops and provides titanium powders for a big range of MIM and additive manufacturing processes like LPBF, e-beam, CMF,… and we are looking forward to establish strong and long therm partnerships!

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